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Why Your Next Phone Should Be an iPhone SE

iPhone SE from TELUS

In a wave of high-end phones that offer big screens, multiple cameras, high refresh rates, and a large price tag to match it’s time we saw a new phone come out that takes all the benefits of a high-end flagship device without the bank account reducing price tag. 

So in keeping with 2020 being the year of “well, I didn’t see that coming”, Apple of all companies has released the phone we’ve all been wanting and waiting for, and they released it with a price tag that would even make an Android die-hard a little nervous! 

Let’s be honest, budget phones have been an Android staple for years. Companies like LG, Samsung, Motorola, and others have all released phones with a low price and all those phones have had the speed and camera quality that matched their low price leaving the end-user, like you and me, desiring a phone that was fast, had a great camera, and wouldn’t break the bank. 

That’s why we’re super excited to be able to offer you the incredible iPhone SE which is available now at all our locations through either TELUS or Koodo! With its incredible speed, powerful camera (yes, it has portrait mode!), and Apple’s commitment to updates and security, you’re sure to love the budget-friendly phone Apple has brought to the table this year!


“The iPhone SE (2020) is a powerhouse of a smartphone capable of running any modern iOS app smoothly.”

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This new phone is everything you’d expect from Apple – and it has the speed you’ve come to expect from any Apple device new or old and this phone is no different. With the latest A13 Bionic processor from Apple and a healthy 3GB of RAM, the new SE performs equal to the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max!

“An upgraded processor chip means so much more than just faster app loading. It means better computation, improved battery performance, and an all-around smarter operating system.

The A13 Bionic chip has up to 1.4x faster CPU and up to 2x faster GPU than the iPhone 8. This speed bump helps improve graphics for gaming and augmented reality programs and smoother performance for process-intensive apps.”

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When you mix the latest internals with Apple’s incredible iOS you create a recipe for an incredible phone!  


Are you tired of ever-increasing phone sizes? Remember the good ‘ol days when you use to be able to put a phone in your pocket? The SE brings back the form factor we all feel in love with from the iPhone 6 to the 8!

“The iPhone SE (2020) is nearly identical to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 in height, width, depth, and weight. With so many identical features from one model to the next, you might think the 2020 iPhone SE would be lambasted as outdated or uninspired, but you’d be wrong. A lot of people love the iPhone 6 – 8 design and continue to love it today. This iPhone is for them.”

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We love the size of this phone! It’s the perfect balance between a screen size small enough to allow for a small and compact device but still big enough to enjoy all your favorite app store apps and games!

Updates and Security

Apple has always been a leader when it comes to updates and security and compared to Android manufacturers, who drop the ball on this key aspect, Apple’s phones are always up to date, they’re always secure, and even their older phones are still running the latest version of iOS!

Plus the SE also lets you unlock your phone the classic way with Touch ID!

“Since it’s the only ‌iPhone‌ with ‌Touch ID‌, it’s the ‌iPhone‌ of choice for people who just don’t like Face ID, and for those who want the familiarity of the biometric authentication method that they’ve used for years now.”

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You can quickly and easily verify your identity for Apple Pay and on-device purchases. It’s the secure unlock method we all knew and loved before Face ID.


Yeah, but how’s the camera?

Fast is good, updates are good, small size is good, but if the camera isn’t good then we’re not interested.

Well, good news because the camera on the iPhone SE is the upgrade you’d expect from Apple and it’s definitely 2020 approved!

The SE’s rear-facing 12-megapixel camera snaps photos that seem to be on par with what the iPhone 11 is capable of shooting. It includes the same ‘Portrait Mode,’ live ‘Depth Control’ while taking pictures and in post, ‘Portrait Lighting Effects’ like ‘Studio Light,’ ‘Contour Light,’ Stage Light’ and ‘Portrait Lighting Controls,’ as the iPhone 11. I snapped a few shots comparing the iPhone SE’s various Portrait Lighting effects to the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s, and other than the images being slightly lighter and less zoomed in, the resulting photographs are nearly identical.

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You can keep taking all those awesome photos and know that you’re still getting that Apple camera quality you’ve come to know and expect!

Available Now

Stop by any of our four locations and pick up the budget iPhone you’ll be sure to love! With good battery life, water and dust resistance, with all the features and connectivity of an iPhone, there’s no longer a need to look for last year’s XS or XS Max or even an iPhone XR – the SE is the budget-friendly phone for you!