Video Conference Services: Protecting Your Team With Online Collaboration Tools

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We’ve been mega-busy here at Communication Zone for the wrong reason: Increased demand for video conference solutions because of COVID-19, the epidemic formerly known as the coronavirus.

Working from home with video conferencing software just got a whole lot more attractive to large and small businesses, schools, retailers, and anyone else in close contact with their fellow humans. 

That’s just about everybody, except now offices are re-evaluating just how many need to have person to person contact. As it turns out, virtual office services are a preferable alternative to 14 days of quarantine with a potentially deadly virus.

Here’s the ugly truth: It doesn’t end with COVID-19, according to a new TED talk by a healthcare professional who says our current virus crisis is the new normal.

Working from home, virus-free boardroom meetings

Most employers and many employees prefer to work in an office where it’s easier to collaborate and you don’t have to deal with flakey Internet connections. Ever tried conducting an all-important business meeting with virtual participants when your laptop, mobile or Internet connection decides to flake on you?

There’s a reason why we’ve resisted remote team collaboration tools for some time.

We can no longer afford to do that. The coronavirus has succeeded in cancelling almost everything including, at the moment, U.S. flights from Europe. Entire countries have shut down. Governments are telling us to stay at home. School is cancelled for three weeks. 

The Summer Olympics may get canceled. Do you know when that last happened? Twice, in the 20th century. For a world war.

Join meetings germ-free in the new world

Once COVID-19 is brought under control – and Communication Zone has complete faith that it will be – video conferencing, remote networking, and other work from home communication tools won’t go away. COVID-19 might be the scariest epidemic so far but it won’t, unfortunately, be the last. 

We’ve seen MERS, bird flu, swine flu, and Toronto’s particularly bad experience with SARS. Epidemics and even the occasional pandemic – the World Health Organization has dubbed COVID-19 a pandemic – will necessitate an organizational embrace of collaboration tools for conducting business in the 21st century. It will affect the corporate world, education, and retailers. 

Schools are shutting down. Distance learning may become the new norm.

Online collaboration tools will stay

Consider a possible side benefit to adoption of the virtual office: Relaxing the company policy on working from home may provide an attractive benefit for future hires who are tired of dealing with Toronto’s nightmarish commute. Whether you drive or take the TTC, you’ll find yourself delayed by traffic made worse with bad weather, or delayed trains and buses.

Millennials and their little brothers and sisters in Gen Z conduct almost their entire lives on their mobiles. It’s just a natural way for them to work.

Communication Zone’s proven collaboration and video conferencing solutions have been serving businesses from the Greater Toronto Area, and businesses all across Canada, for years. We can help your organization set up virtual boardrooms and conference rooms quickly and work with your digital nomads to ensure smooth, near-flawless and 100% virus-free workplace teams. 

We are communication specialists with in-depth knowledge of communication and collaboration efforts that give you the flexibility to manage projects, grow and change with your workforce. 

Please reach out to us today to see how we can help you modernize (and sanitize) your organization to meet the public health and collaboration challenges of our modern age.