The 5G Future with TELUS

5G technology

The fifth-generation (5G) of wireless technology is right around the corner in Canada and we’re looking forward to what this means for download speeds on some incredible devices we carry like the Samsung Galaxy S20. Compared to our current network technology, 5G speeds will be up to ten times faster and this new 5G service will allow a massive amount of devices to be connected all at once! This is awesome news for everyone in our current coverage areas and who have been purchasing the incredible 5G phones we have available. When this new network goes live you’ll be the first to enjoy these incredible speeds! 

“Bernard Bureau, TELUS VP of Network & Architecture Strategy, explained how the technology will have a profound impact on our citizens, our businesses and the economy. “It will pave the way for a range of exciting new uses,” he said.

According to Bureau, whereas previous mobile technologies were developed with a technical mindset, 5G was explicitly established to solve issues that cannot be supported in our current mobile network.”

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Current 5G Access

Canada hasn’t been as quick to deploy the 5G network as other countries as we’ve been waiting on spectrum to become available in order to push this out. We’re looking forward to 2020 being the launching pad for our 5G network and to see is continue to develop moving forward. 

Wireless technology has already had a tremendous impact on our lives and when the 4G networks went live and 4G LTE became available more people could easily and quickly access a large and fast network. Now with 5G, wireless infrastructure promises a world more connected than ever before.

It’s time for you and your business to start thinking about how you can utilize the coming 5G network, and how you can benefit from it. With faster speeds, more devices connected to each other, and the increase of IoT (internet of things), there is a huge potential for Canadian businesses to start developing themselves around a 5G mobile future. 

How Fast Is It?

“Another crucial aspect of wireless network operators is the spectrum. These frequency channels are resources that are used to carry data between the antennae and your smartphone.

Three distinct spectrums are part of the strategy to serve Canada’s diverse topography.

3.5 GHz

The 3.5 GHz spectrum covers urban and suburban areas and runs on speeds of about 2 Gbps.


mmWave covers dense urban areas (think downtown in a large city) and can accommodate dense speeds and capacities with speeds of about 8 Gbps.

600 MHz

The 600 MHz spectrum covers rural areas and runs at 200 Mbps.

Despite the faster speeds of the higher bands, information cannot be carried very far, so many more cells must be set up in the future, said Bureau, noting that he is optimistic that it will get done. “Canada is now the second fastest country in the world in mobile networks,” he said. “I expect this excellence to carry over.””

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The Benefits of 5G

So how do you and your business benefit from 5G? With the help from SolutionsReview.com we’re going to give you some quick points as to the main benefits for you and your team!

“Faster data speeds

The most obvious – and most well-known – benefit that 5G networks provide for businesses is higher data speeds than 4G. While 4G’s maximum theoretical speed topped out at 100 megabits per second, 5G has the potential to reach 10 gigabits per second; this means that 5G could be up to 100 times faster than 4G. 

Higher device capacity and spectrum band

A network can only handle a certain number of devices and data transmissions at once, and 5G networks promise to increase the capacity and spectrum band over 4G deployments. It is estimated that 5G deployments can support up to one million devices per square kilometer, which allows enterprises to support the large number of devices in their infrastructure.

High speed remote work

One of the greatest advantages of mobile devices in the business world is that it allows employees to work from essentially anywhere. Because they can take mobile devices anywhere they go, workers can take their work with them even out of the office. 

Intelligent Internet of Things adoption

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way companies think of data and connectivity. IoT devices generate tons of data that businesses want to analyze, and many businesses are planning to create an entire IoT ecosystem. With the higher data speeds of 5G, enterprises can access that data quicker and accommodate for every device at the IoT edge with increased capacity.”

The Time Is Now

Now is the time to consider how 5G will affect you and your business. Don’t get left behind with this next technological revolution that’s already starting in Canada. With 2020 showing us the need for a mobile workforce, and the increase demand and necessity of remote working, 5G will enable people and businesses to scale their operations at a greater rate than ever before!

Connect with us today and find out how a 5G enabled device can help you on your journey!