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Secured by Knox

At every layer of Samsung Galaxy devices, Knox ensures that confidential and sensitive data stays safe, no matter where your life takes you. Your entire device: safeguarded from the inside out, and in real time. This is protection you can be sure of.

Unified Endpoint Management

Knox solutions allow enterprise IT admins to easily secure, deploy, manage, and analyze mobile devices for business use, while allowing device users to stay protected and productive. Ensure your devices for work are always under IT control with Knox.

Rebranding and Customization

With Samsung Knox, any off-the-shelf Samsung devices can turn into a special edition, or the unique tool for your business. Transform devices and fulfill use cases such as media-bundled tablets, interactive store kiosks and more – all without opening the box.

Fraud and Theft Protection

Guard your company’s device payment plans and maintain control of mobile device assets outside your reach. Knox allows carriers, insurance firms, or any businesses to remotely protect Samsung devices against financial risk.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Easier device enrollment for both IT admins and device users

Add thousands of Samsung devices to your enterprise at once. No manual enrollment, fewer steps, automatically done even after factory reset. Your devices will enroll to your EMM/IT policies without hassle.

Seamless device setup

Bulk devices bought from certified device (KDP) resellers are automatically uploaded to the Knox server, so you can set up for enrollment right away. Simple, on-the-spot provisioning is also supported for other devices purchased separately with the Knox Deployment App, or via QR code scans.

Make setup easier for your end users too. Cut more than half the Setup Wizard steps including Wi-Fi setup. Have employee EMM accounts automatically logged in to each device. So your devices are quickly ready for your custom work environments.

Secure deployment options

Deploy with ease in secure, on-premise environments too. Knox Mobile Enrollment supports enrolling to locally-hosted EMM agents, so your security and performance is tightly kept. Even in on-premise environments with intranet only, use KME Direct — a PC application — to enroll and configure devices remotely.

For enhanced security, certificates can be automatically installed onto user devices before EMM enrollment. Automatically enable Dual Data-at-Rest* encryption on devices, so EMM Work Profiles are created with additional encryption.

*Dual DAR requires a separate license purchase

Optimized for the Samsung ecosystem

Knox Mobile Enrollment fully integrates with Samsung devices and Knox services. Leveraging the trusted Knox platform, remotely check device health status and ensure only secure, non-compromised devices are enrolled to your enterprise.

You can also use Single Sign-On to easily tap into other Knox cloud solutions, and access shared device repository.

Knox Manage

Powerful, yet flexible cross-platform EMM solution optimized for Samsung

Simplify the way you remotely manage your mobile fleet and empower your workforce to achieve more, in office or in field.
Designed to provide powerful management through easy-to-access UX, and optimized to fully leverage Samsung devices and solutions.

Samsung has been named a Leader and a Major Player in IDC MarketScape 2022 Vendor Assessments for UEM. Read our blog to see how Knox stands out from other UEM solutions.

Intuitive user experience

Simple and straightforward user experience maximizes the productivity of your IT Admins

  • Onboarding made easy with a step-by-step Getting Started wizard
  • Advanced single- or multi-app kiosk features made intuitive with a drag-and-drop Kiosk wizard
  • Perform critical, key IT admin actions remotely with mobile console support

Fit for the office and the field

Powerful management tools unleash your field devices to do more

  • Periodic location tracking and recording for tight workflow and asset management
  • Remote access tool allows hands-on troubleshooting for devices out in the field
  • Market-leading kiosk-dedicated features and options - set your devices into single- or multi-app use mode only
  • Diverse event-based policy enforcements (e.g. specific time, location, network, roaming, SIM change) for your key

Empowered by Samsung

In sync with other Samsung services to maximize efficiency

  • Convenient cross-access and data sync with other Knox cloud services, such as Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox E-FOTA
  • End-to-end customer support on Samsung devices, OS, and solutions
  • Easy-to-use, fully integrated UX for Knox Platform for Enterprise features via Knox Service Plugin

Knox Configure

Remotely configure Samsung devices in bulk and tailor them to specific needs, right out of the box

Create the ideal business tool for your organization with frictionless, out-of-the-box setup. Advanced device configuration tailors every granular aspect to your specific needs. 

Customized to your brand

Configure every device to display your own brand, without unpacking

  • Replace standard booting & shutting-down animations with your own.
  • Customize your home and lock screens to display your own images - including support for DeX mode screens.
  • Automatically deploy apps, content and shortcuts at the exact location of your choice on home screen.

Tailored user experience

Custom build every device to only work in the ways you want them to be used

  • Automatically launch key apps on every reboot.
  • Remap hardware keys - deliver quick app launch and commands in one touch.
  • Automatic device on-and-off based on power supply. When the power goes out, so does the screen. When the power returns, so does your device.
  • Multi-app mode or single app mode to use devices as dedicated kiosks.

Frictionless set-up

Set-up all devices at boot-up and let users get straight to the action

  • Automated device provisioning when end users first start up devices.
  • Streamlined and faster device setup process.
    e.g. Skip setup wizard.
  • Pre-configure your default settings. Remove the need for user intervention.

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