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Are you the owner of a small or medium sized business that is in need of, and is looking for, a managed IT service? The awesome opportunity we have at Communication Zone is that as a TELUS dealer we are able to offer a full business solution catered for you and your business needs! It’s what separates us apart from the mall stores and why we have built a reputation over the years as being a one stop shop for all your business communication and IT needs. We’ve dedicated ourselves and developed an incredible team to be a leader in technology services, whether you’re local and close to our stores or if you’re anywhere across Canada we can help you and your business with your wireless communication and information technology needs!

Whether you’re a small startup, or a medium sized business, you need to have a plan and the necessary business processes in place to handle the amount of data you have access to. According to Small Biz Trends every business needs to think about IT support:

“No matter what type of small business you have, it’s likely you could benefit from some level of IT support. The exact level of support may vary depending on the type of tech you use and your own level of knowledge on the issues that you regularly encounter.

At the very least, it’s likely that your business has some kind of website or online presence. And if those online assets experience issues, even for a short amount of time, it can prevent customers from finding or purchasing from your business. However, tech support can also help you solve issues with slow load times on your computer, wifi issues in your store or cafe, printer or email issues, and even viruses and cybersecurity problems.”

This is where we at Communication Zone can step in to help your business! We have the technical services you need so you can focus on what matters most. Your network security and services, computer systems, training and management, shouldn’t be the thing that consumes your time. Outsourcing your IT management to a dedicated company can help free time and increase productivity:

“It’s impossible to manage every problem. If you’re not technical, when something breaks your entire business may suffer. IT professionals have the skills to quickly and efficiently fix broken peripherals, troubleshoot software, and ensure you’re back up and running. And, they can improve the processes and hardware you’re already using to increase overall productivity.”

The Self Employed

We can help train your staff and keep your team educated on the processes and systems your businesses uses to help them better utilize the services you’re already paying for:

“You want to trust your staff to make and manage passwords appropriately. You also want them to behave in the company’s best interest when utilizing technological resources. You even have policies in place to this effect.

With proper technical support on hand you have the opportunity to keep your staff educated as to how to behave when it comes to computer and network systems. Hackers are always hatching new schemes to trick employees into letting them in. A tech support specialist or consultant can stay on top of trending hacks and keep your staff informed.”

the AME Group

Regardless of your business size, IT support is one of the areas you’ll need to think about and develop a solution for. Our services include onsite and remote technical support, SMB servers and network services, PC / Laptop tune up and repairs, Office 365 setup and support, SharePoint development / management, computer equipment procurement and Windows training.

Connect with our team today and find the perfect solution for your business!